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GConf Error

Been going through forums and online help and all that about getting GNOME to run on FreeBSD 6.2. It does kinda sorta, but in looking through the error file, I'm finding several startup errors, and decided to tackle the earliest one first, since later ones may go away as well if this one gets solved.

The first error thrown is GConf Error: Bad key or directory name: "/desktop/gnome/screen//0/resolution": Can't have two slashes (/) in a row

Now something somewhere looks like it's trying to mash to pieces of info together, with the end of one having a slash, and the beginning of the second one also having a slash, resulting in the double slash.

Seems like I should be able to use gconftool to straighten this out, but nothing I've seen so far looks right. what?
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tab completion lost, please help

I am currently running gnome on debian linux on a hp intel machine at work and the all the terminals seem to have stop recognising the tab key

The keyboard driver is Generic 105-key (Intl) PC

This happening after my machine lost the networked home directory and stopped functioning. In order to resurrect the machine my gnome settings gconf had to be deleted.

Once I was logged in I was able to return the desktop toolbar to looking how it did, turn off the system bell and start work again

Unfortunately now terminals (I have tried the standard terminal, gnome multi term and xterm) have stopped putting any character on stdout when the tab key is pressed. This means that tab completion no longer works which as you may appreciated is more than a little annoying, ctrl D still works and the tab key still produces a response in editors like Vi and XEmacs and also in firefox and thunderbird so it isn't as straight forward as the keyboard mapping is wrong (it still appears to be standard UK)

Any ideas as to what might of gone wrong?, Restarting the machine doesn't seem to of worked

I have made inquiries with my own systems team but they are currently haven't been picked up yet as at the end of the day this isn't the end of the world
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Shouldn't changing font size be fast&easy in a word processor (or, what am I missing?)

Why is there no quick key command for changing font size in OpenOffice and AbiWord? Or is there and I am just missing it? (Is there a simple key command in MS Word?). I can't count the number of times I select a chunk of text from the keyboard, type C-e to center it, C-b or C-i to make it look heading-like, and then pause as I realize I have to go through the menus (Alt-E... Alt-F.... where do I go...) or pick up a mouse to change the size.

The obvious choice is Control-Plus to increase the font-size of the selection and Control-Minus to decrease it. What surprises me is that this doesn't seem to exist yet. Isn't this as basic (if not more basic) than centering, changing spacing, italicizing, or bolding... all of which have easy-to-remember, quick keystrokes?

Maybe I should dig into AbiWord's code and see if I can't figure out how to add this... of course, AbiWord doesn't work well enough with Word Templates &c. to work as my main word processor yet, but it still has more hope of being a solid, usable part of GNOME than OpenOffice seems to.

P.S. A google search found me the Shift Control P command for changing font size in Word. This works in OpenOffice as well. The problem -- in OO at least it simply toggles between a size much smaller than the current size and the current size. I also have no idea what Shift Control P is a mnemonic for, but perhaps that's being overly picky...


evolution issue?

using ximian evolution 1.4.5, which may be a bit out of date, but it's a lab machine, so i can't do anything about that. i'm trying to add a signature script. it keeps telling me "You must specify a valid script name" and then closing the window without saying what is invalid or what would be a valid script name.

anyone know what the hell i'm doing wrong? i've already got one called "Random", I'm trying things like "Random2", "Unnamed", and other assorted short alphabetic and alphanumeric strings. The "documentation" on the gnome website doesn't say much of anything.
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Gnome and Windows

In my linux testings, I've found that I really like the Gnome GUI. This is all good when it comes to the distro I chose to install as it's default is Gnome, but it's not ok for my main machine which runs WinXP. Does anyone how I can install Gnome onto my XP machine and make it work? Has it been tried before, and was it successful?

Any help would be great.
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Cut/Copy/Paste Broken

I'm using GNOME 2.6.

Every time I cut or copy text, if I close the source window, I'm unable to paste the text anywhere. However, if I leave the source window open, then I can cut/copy/paste without any problems.

Does anybody know if this is a confirmed bug, an unknown bug, or a "special feature"? It's extremely annoying.
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New XMMS Community

NOTE: This announcement has been cross-posted to many LiveJournal communities and others' LiveJournal accounts. This has been done in hopes that the subject of the announcement may benefit the targeted audience. If this announcement is deemed inappropriate or distasteful, please accept my apologies, comment on/reply to this announcement stating so, and the message shall be deleted promptly. Thank you.

I have created a new community dedicated to the X Multimedia System, or XMMS: xmms_users. xmms_users was created so XMMS users may share their own experiences setting up, using, and customizing XMMS to their own personal tastes.

Find (or develop) a new skin or a new plugin that you're just dying to share with others? Learn a new trick, and you want to teach people? Or, maybe you're new to XMMS, and you're looking for some tips, pointers, advice, or help?

xmms_users is appropriate for any of the above scenarios. Other appropriate usages of xmms_users include, but aren't limited to: posting HOWTOs on various subjects, sharing opinions regarding features you'd like to see implemented (either natively or through a plugin), posting updates about new XMMS or plugin versions.

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. Tell the community about your XMMS-using habits. Tell your friends. The more, the merrier!

Thank you for your time.

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GDM Facebrowser

I understand that I'm supposed to be able to double-click a username in the login screen's facebrowser and then just type in my password.

However, I end up having to double-click a username three times until I get the password box. Does anybody else have this issue?

I'm on Fedora Core 2, running GNOME 2.6 (rpm -qa | grep libgnome)...